ReMag Magnesium Review guide

Because someone with atrial fibrillation, PVCs and PACs, magnesium (mg) supplements are as essential to me as eating in addition to drinking water. I don’t go a day without them! Magnesium supplements are a great afibber’s best friend because they can help lessen and sometimes eradicate afib episodes, PVCs, and PACs.

They key, however, is locating a high quality magnesium (mg) supplement which is readily soaked up in the body. The majority of magnesium supplements are not really. That is why so many men and women suffer from cramping, reduce stools, and diarrhea any time taking these supplements. Typically the magnesium simply isn’t becoming absorbed into the blood stream. The majority of it passes via the gastrointestinal system completely unabsorbed.

What is ReMag Magnesium (mg)?
ReMag is a liquefied magnesium supplement that will be produced from magnesium chloride but it is very different through your typical magnesium chloride supplement (more on that will in a minute). It has a high concentration regarding magnesium. As you could see by the brand, each 1/2 teaspoon providing has 150mg of much needed magnesium:


Other varieties of magnesium supplements such because magnesium glycinate tablets or perhaps liquid magnesium chloride generally only have 100mg associated with elemental magnesium per helping and the absorption ranges are no where around regarding ReMag.

What tends to make ReMag different from other magnesium supplements?
According to the company behind ReMag, why is it thus unique is usually that the magnesium ions are stabilized through a new “simple process. ” We could go all nerdy on you here nevertheless I won’t, mainly because it makes my head spin and rewrite. Here is a website link that gives information how ReMag is made. If you’re genuinely into science stuff just like ions, atoms, and electrical charges you’ll enjoy it.
Exactly how Much Does ReMag Expense?
For such a higher quality therapeutic supplement, the particular price of ReMag is usually surprisingly affordable. At the time of this review, you’ll spend $29. 99 for an 8-ounce jar of ReMag. An 8-ounce bottle yields 96 portions (150mg of pure essential magnesium per serving). You can also get a 16-ounce jar for $54. 98.

Now let’s break this straight down into “real numbers. ” Assuming you take 600mg a day, that is typically the typical sweet spot for most afibbers, you’ll be taking 18, 000mg regarding magnesium per month. That will certainly require 120 servings of ReMag. An 8-ounce jar won’t be enough therefore you’ll need to bundle up for the 16-ounce jar. Your monthly costs will certainly be $54. 98.

Just what Does ReMag Taste Just like?
Aside from the prospective cost issue, the flavor is probably the simply other negative about ReMag. It really is bitter and since a result, some folks may find it provides a strong taste. I dilute one teaspoon inside 24 ounces of drinking water and it tastes all right to me. In reality, I don’t even proper care for regular water anymore as it’s too bland. I can only drink water now if ReMag is added to it! Keep in mind, yet , I’ve been taking ReMag daily for over a couple of years now so this might take time that you should get to that level.
Every person which has atrial fibrillation should be taking magnesium supplements on a daily basis. Heck, men and women without afib should be taking them; it’s that essential of a mineral regarding optimal health. ReMag is actually a therapeutic pure magnesium supplement that most of the people will end up being able to tolerate together with minimal side effects (if any at all) ~ whether or not you take large doses. It’s the only oral magnesium supplement I actually have used during the past a couple of years.

Typically the Magnesium Miracle, where she discusses these factors when it comes to deficiency:
Low Content Meals Sources: We used to get almost all of our magnesium (mg) from plant consumption, nevertheless now a days, almost all of the vegetables we consume usually are low in magnesium if they contain it at almost all. This is probably because of to be able to the massive over-use regarding pesticides and fertilizers which leach magnesium from the soil and stop its intake into plants. In 2005, a study by Doctor Donald Davis showed that will nutrient content in vegetation had declined up to be able to 40% since the 1955s. This, along with low nutritional absorption in numerous folks because of to gut health conditions means that food sources alone are not enough to maintain healthy magnesium levels within most people.
Over-consumption regarding Calcium: I’m sure numerous of you are aware about the existence of extra calcium in many of our food products. All of us grew up hearing “drink your milk, get calcium to make your bones stronger. ” What we didn’t hear is the fact calcium is merely good for you launched working synergistically with magnesium (mg). In our bodies, all of us are supposed to possess a ratio of roughly a couple of: 1 calcium to magnesium (mg). Plus, not only carry out we have many foods of which are fortified with calcium mineral, but our bodies keep on to calcium very much more tightly than magnesium (mg). You see, calcium is normally more rare in nature and food options, so your body developed methods for storing calcium. Upon the flip side, magnesium should really be abundant inside our environment, so the bodies don’t store this or hold onto it as well. This aspect, mixed with over-consumption regarding dairy products, creates a new situation where our bodies are over-calcified. Calcium provides even been implicated inside heart disease, and create upwards of arterial plaques. Dont really believe this is since calcium is bad for us, but it is usually damaging if we seldom have enough magnesium to be able to pair it with.
We all Don’t Test Properly regarding Magnesium: I am aware I realize, everything I’ve said seems like so much fireplace and brimstone, but if magnesium is really such a big deal, how come doctors are not discovering magnesium deficiency about our standard blood assessments? If you talk in order to many doctors, they may tell you it is not even worth testing for magnesium because it is usually at sufficient levels in most people. Here’s the particular issue, magnesium levels usually are maintained in the blood vessels despite low levels within the body, and serum magnesium only represents 1% of all the magnesium within the body. Magnesium is thus incredibly important for heart perform, that your body may leach magnesium from the tissues, your tissues, your internal organs, your bones, and your human brain to be sure there is enough in your blood in order to keep your heart functioning. By the time your current blood serum levels regarding magnesium start to drop, you will likely end up being working with extreme symptoms regarding magnesium deficiency and may possibly be in danger regarding heart attack or heart stroke. It’s not like there isn’t a way to be able to test properly for magnesium, it just isn’t traditionally used. There is a blood vessels test called an RBC Magnesium Test which involves looking at magnesium levels inside a dissected mobile, as opposed to simply measuring the content floating in the blood. This test is usually far more accurate compared to the serum magnesium check. If your doctor may not order you an RBC magnesium test, get yourself a new doctor. Also, buy it yourself! You can actually order your very own blood testing through companies like direct labs, or perhaps genova, and the RBC magnesium test is merely $60 the majority of the time.